Why Credits? How to obtain them.

Gold Coins? Tell me more.


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Not everyone is familiar with the term Credits or "Tokens" but lets talk about it. Credits are gold like coins which is an online currency that can be used here on "The One True Catalyst" as a form currency for an online Service. For us, spiritually related services. 

We know the tradition way that people are use to is just going to the ATM Machine, check or swiping their card, however "Credits" are used with us because our clients can track their transactions better and what they have left on their account for a related spiritual service. If you ever need to "Buy Credits" its easiest enough to do and there are multiple ways.

Credits are also used by us because they are helpful for our international clients. It keeps everything together and a lot more universal.

Here are a few ways that you can purchase credits;

1) Click the tab at the top of the website that says "Buy Credits". <---- You can also click the blue font for a quick link.

2) In an Advisors Chat-Room there is a "Coin" image icon when you put your cursor over the Live Feed of the Advisor. (View Screenshot below if needed)

3) You may also click the "+" Symbol. (View Screenshot below if needed)

For Mobile User; this works almost the same way. Use the "+" symbol while in the chat-room which is located under the advisors live feed. You may also click the coins on their feed. If you'd rather just use the main tabs, click the "3 lines" in the top left hand corner and select "Buy Credits"

If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact Online Support, or you may submit a ticket in the top right hand corner for assistance! We are always happy to help.

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