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Last Update 4 years ago

Finding the correct anything in life that fits your needs and liking can be difficult! Whether that is a doctor, dentist, therapist, etc. Keep in touch with your advisors by adding them to your favorites! You can save your "Go to" Advisors to your "Favorites". This is just a feature that allows you to get in touch with each of your favorite advisors more quickly. 

Everyone that is a favorite will show up under the "Favorites" tab appearing with a blue heart in the top right hand corner of their profile photo. Simply click the heart to have it light up blue. You can also click the heart icon in the chat-room to achieve the same results. 

To do this make sure you have already logged into your registered account to view your favorites. :)

If you want to take this a feature step further you can have email notifications sent to your email, to do this view below;

1) Login to your account/register for a free account if you don't have one already.

2) Top tab of the website select "Profile"

3) Select "Personal Profile"

4) Scroll down till you see "Notify by email when favorites goes online" and the box.

Once you have done so you will get email notifications every-time your Favorite Advisor goes online. You'll never miss a beat!

For Mobile users, this works a very similar way. Simple select the heart icon on the "Live Advisors Tab or click it while in that particular advisors chat-room. If you need to ✅ the box for email notifications for when that advisor goes online you can do so by clicking on the "3 Lines" in the top left hand corner. Simply follow the directions above. :)

We hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions, please speak with us in Online Support or submit a ticket. We are always happy to help! :)

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